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Updated 23/2/2021


A New Year, new challenges, new opportunities.

This year I'm determined to keep up my momentum. I shall need all the help I can get with ideas, wishes, thoughts, commissions etc. I do hope to have an exhibition some time, I'll keep you all posted, thought evidently I have no date in mind until the Passover.

Perhaps this year I shall improve my web-site, but mainly I'll continue producing paintings.


On this page see my paintings from the most recent.  Go to 'See All & Prices for annual overviews and my reference price to customers through this web-site. This approach will be considerably cheaper than prices quoted in my international web galleries, although I do recommend these to the cautious purchaser.Thanks to all who browse my existing works. I hope I have imparted some joy. Which direction I go is certainly influenced by your visit and comments.

I welcome your comments on my paintings and suggestions for future themes. If you too have a particular painting you want producing, then please contact me. I love the challenge of a commission. If you are interested in a particular theme, title or style or if you have a special event to celebrate  we can discuss the details.

Please see 'CONTACT' for details of how to contact me for prices and delivery options. Or simply email me at chris.walker@orange.fr. 

Happy Browsing.  

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